T1D Crash Course

So I really did not plan on writing this tonight. But as I was going through one of my facebook groups, one of the Moms reached out and asked if anyone had ever done a “How to Binder” that gave instructions for the Dexcom, Infusion, Foods, Highs and Lows, etc. And as a matter of fact I have. When my husband and I decided we needed some much needed R&R this past April and went on a cruise for 7 days, I got busy and made a “T1D Crash Course” for my Mom and Dad who would be caring for Abbie.

It included what we do when she is high, what we do when she is low and how we want them to just have fun and not worry as much as we do. I made sure to tell them that I understood they would not draw the parameters as tight I did and that was ok, but I wanted to give them the tools to handle most anything. I included instructions on the Dexcom G5, the Tslim X2 pump and infusion change, different foods, what to do in extreme emergencies including using Glucagon, and even visual aids 🙂 .

Attached is the PDF version which is not able to be edited but you can look at it and figure it out your own. I have also included the Word version which you can edit and make your own. I figure if it is at least helpful to one person then it is worth sharing. I went and got a binder with dividers so my Mom could just find whatever she needed.

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