MRI Update….

So I just had my MRI yesterday on my hand. I am hoping they will have a definitive diagnosis in the next couple days. Right now I am wearing a brace that keeps my thumb at a straight angle from my hand (imagine a thumbs up position). It makes it difficult to type for a length of time and after working 12-hour shifts as a 911 Dispatcher, it is already sore enough. So hopefully we will have a plan of action soon! Thank you for your continued patience.

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Mom to two beautiful girls, Abbie and Jamee. Abbie was diagnosed with T1D a little over 2 years ago and it brought our family closer together in ways we couldn’t imagine . I am a full time wife, mom, Emergency 911 Dispatcher and I am working on my second Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Oh yea... and now a blogger! 💙

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