The Last Straw….

When he told me it was OK for her to be at 350 for 4 hours or more during the SOLs and he criticized my parenting skills, I knew that we had reached a fork in the road we couldn't come back from... I was done!

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T1D Crash Course

So I really did not plan on writing this tonight. But as I was going through one of my facebook groups, one of the Moms reached out and asked if anyone had ever done a “How to Binder” that gave instructions for the Dexcom, Infusion, Foods, Highs and Lows, etc. And as a matter of…

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Totally figuring it out…. not…

Let me tell you something about T1D….
The moment you think you have everything under control, everything is tightly reined in, numbers are looking fantastic, something will change. Whether the air shifts in the atmosphere, the stars are no longer aligned, your 11-year-old starts puberty, or decides she wants to hoard her low snacks, just know always be prepared to change it somehow and don’t let it get you down when it happens, because it will happen.

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