Level With Me Podcast with Eric Paslay

So back in March, Abbie and I had the pleasure of doing a Podcast with Eric Paslay that was sponsored by Dexcom. It was a very cool experience. The “crew” came to our home town first and spent the day. They went to Abbie’s school, did a little grocery shopping with me, and then even stayed for dinner! They asked us all sorts of questions and just got to know us as a family. I was a little nervous at first but honestly it was a very relaxing experience and they were very good with the girls.

Then about 3 weeks later off Abbie and I went to Nashville, TN to spent 4 days recording a Podcast about Type 1 Diabetes. We met other T1D Warriors there and Abbie was able to see that people are thriving with this autoimmune disease. Abbie and I did some sightseeing, we visited the zoo and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Abbie also got some new boots (pictured below!). Eric and his wife Natalie had dinner with all us one night and they were absolutely wonderful. Such gracious hosts and they were so down to earth.

The next day we went to the Blackbird Recording Studios and spent about an hour recording the #Levelwithme Episode 3 Podcast with Eric. It was very eye opening and a great experience to just be able to speak with someone who has T1D themselves but also can understand from an adult perspective how this effects every aspect of your life. But also how you learn to make it a learning experience and even a positive experience if you can.

Check it out! The link is listed below where you can listen on iTunes or wherever podcasts are streamed. Make sure to subscribe and listen to them all!